5 Most Popular Courses For Kids This Summer

Now we list the top 5 courses that parents and kids have liked over the last year. So, if you haven’t signed up already, here’s what you are missing out on! 

We are back to 2020 days now. 

Kids are still indoors and learning and e-meeting people through 15-inch screens. And still climbing the walls for the rest of the day, 'coz they are that bored! We hear you, parents! We have been there (are there!) and we have got together to possibly find a solution for this. 

"Mindfully engaging children indoors" was what inspired us to launch the learning platform- KSP Summer Fun Factory on Kidsstoppress a year ago. And over the last 1 year, we must say we are really happy with the overwhelming response we have received from parents. While there are so many different and abundant courses online, why choose Kidsstoppress? 

  • For starters, the courses- the themes, the categories are all internally brainstormed by us, the parents. Each one of us knows how difficult and how essential it is to keep kids entertained and engaged when stuck indoors. 
  • We have joined hands with some of the best educators across the country. Each one of them has collaborated by creating exclusive videos to teach your kids essential vocational courses.
  • There's something for everyone at SFF! From toddlers to tweens, from art lovers to book worms, there are 45+ courses on a wide range of topics- all under one roof. This is surely a first! 
  • And the best part- there are no strict deadlines, joining links, and Zoom cameras to keep on! We know the pressure of online courses on parents and hence we wanted to make it as easy as possible. With just one sign up, you get lifelong access to these courses. Watched only 15 minutes of an art video but your child got distracted after that? No pressure. Catch up from where you left later- the links will stay in your dashboard forever! 
  • And now for the sweet offer- find more than a couple of courses for your kids and do not want to sign up individually for each one of them? We hear you. Sign up for the SFF Premium Advantage that gives you one-click access to all the 45+ courses for just Rs.1999. Saves time, effort and money! Howzzat?!

Go ahead and sign up for the SFF Premium Advantage on Summer Fun Factory right here! 

Now we list the top 5 courses that parents and kids have liked over the last year. So, if you haven't signed up already, here's what you are missing out on! 

How To Get Your Kids To Read & The Common Mistakes Parents Make

What will you find in this Reading bundle?

90-minute Exclusive Video + Tried & Tested Parent Tips 

How will you and the kids find this useful?

  • Tips to introduce your kids to the world of books. (P.S- they are never too young!) 
  • Common mistakes that parents inadvertently make when raising bookworms. 
  • How to get kids to read a variety of genres and authors and not get too comfortable in one space. 
  • How to introduce reading as a daily habit and not a forced one.
  • How to raise young readers even though you might not be one, as a parent.
  • How to ensure the learning and fun doesn't just stop at the last page of a book

Access now! 

Best Children's Books Of 2020 (Indian & International Authors)

Here we break down 2020's best children's books penned by Indian and International authors. There were many favourites but these made the final cut. Scroll down to access this list right away! No more spending time on Google and Amazon recommendations! 

Access now! 

Apps For Kids That Are Worth Every Minute Of Screentime

What you will find here:

  • We do a round-up of the best 35+ apps in the market for your kids age-wise that help them learn concepts and subjects better so they don't suffer any learning loss. 
  • We curate the best learning, language, coding and entertainment apps for your kids that you must give a chance this summer skids can learn something useful in a fun and controlled setting.
  • From word games to math to science to learning a new language- this exhaustive list has them all. Go ahead, and access it now! 

Access now!

Mindfulness For Kids | Video Workshop

What's in this bundle? 

5 videos- Duration: 1 hour 

What will you learn in this?

  • This bundle contains videos on some mindfulness practices parents can teach their kids in a fun and engaging way, using our breath, voice, drumming, and deep listening.
  • The exercises are suitable for children of ages 3 and above and are fun even for adults.
  • This is something you can try at the comfort of your own homes- do not take elaborate planning or preparation and can be integrated seamlessly into your lifestyle. 

Access now! 

Creative & Poetry Writing Course For Kids | Ritu Rathod

What will you get in this bundle? 

A complete insight into creative writing and poetry writing with detailed steps and instructions. This is a workshop you will want for your kids- one that can you get lifelong access to, and one that your kids can watch any number of times. No one-time-watch-it and remember-it-all workshops at Summer Fun Factory! 

Access now! 




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