Andre Agassi On Life, Parenting & Education

From tennis to parenting to education, world champion and an all-time inspiration Andre Agassi shares his thoughts with us in this KSP Exclusive!

Game Point!

When you hear the name Andre Agassi, the only thing that comes to my mind is his smashing forehand return on the court!

He was a towering personality in the field of tennis and an inspiration to many! He was unbeatable, fierce and committed. Even today, he is hitting it hard with a string of investments in education and sports-related startups.

In a KSP Exclusive, Andre Agassi talks to us about life, parenting and what he thinks about education. We see the same humility, commitment, and power that we once upon a time saw on the court, in his drive for education. As an avid promoter and a member of the Board Of Directors panel of Square Panda – a company that creates artificial intelligence-based literary products with a special focus on students suffering from dyslexia, Andre Agassi is also doing his bit toCH help promote education through the “Agassi Early Learning Neuroscience Foundation”. 

He speaks to us about parenting and simple concepts left us awestruck in the interview, especially when he says, rules without the right relationship leads to a rebellion and what he thinks about parenting pushing their children to do more. 

Tune in and watch Andre Agassi talk to us about his commitment towards education, why it is so important to him and about the 85 schools under his Charter School Facility Fund. 

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