Brain Freeze: Do You Know Why It Happens?

In this episode of the I the Am Not Bored podcast, we are going to talk about a phenomenon called Brain freeze. You know, when you have something cold and your brain quite literally freezes. Listen to the full episode for some fun facts about brain freeze!

Ever got excited looking at ice cream, gulped it too quickly, and then your brain just freezes?! No, that’s not some kind of ice cream emergency nor is it a random headache. It is called a “brain freeze”! Yes, because your brain literally freezes. But, what exactly is this phenomenon and why does it happen? Find out in this episode of I Am Not Bored!

In this episode, we are going to talk about:

  • What is brain freeze?
  • What process in the brain causes this phenomenon?
  • How do we avoid it?
  • And more…

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