Are We Ignoring The Pleas Of Our Children In These Times?

Here’s what Fatema Agarkar has to say about education for children in this pandemic. She urges everyone to stay safe so we can give our children the education they deserve.

We are in the midst of the second wave and we're following the same trend as last year. We are worried if our children are safe? Are our kids at higher risk? But what's worrying is that nobody is talking about education and children. Over the years, we have only stressed on how important early years education is. The whole of last year went living in the unknown and accepting new methods of teaching through the screen and hoping phsysal school would start soon. But today, are we seeing light at the end of the tunner? Have we, as citizens of our country done enough for our children?

We have spoken to Dr Swati Popat Vats, Fatema Agarkar and Dr Samir Dalwai in the past about online education and if its a boon or a bane. Never did we think that this new normal was going to continue in the second year as well.

Recently, Fatema Agarkar wrote an article on Ace Sports Edu and urges everyone to break the chain with COVID so our kids can be privileged to go for physical school. It is their right. We couldn't agree more when Fatema Agarkar writes:

Children in school and colleges are our future and if they are going to dictate the rules of the game as they take their place in the industry in a few years and governments tomorrow –what exactly is the message we are conveying?

  • That it is ok for some to do what they do, for the sake of their own gains?
  • That it is ok to think about the self only?
  • That it is ok to not worry about others because they are protected?
  • That this virus and perhaps some other strain that may be experienced in their time in the future will overpower and destroy yet again because of the selfishness of mankind? And it is ok if that happens?

We have to reflect on our actions, and what narrative we put out there as these children are aware, more reflective, more conscious, and more evolved than what we give them credit for.

She isn't saying that online hasn't worked. It provided opportunities for seamless engagements and while critics are quick to point that ‘it is not the same, then I ask why not change this indifferent attitude of not creating the ‘same’ by thinking of how and when to open schools instead of the malls, cinemas, and political rallies?

It's time all of us stand up for our children and break the chain for our kids. Do write us on at to let us know your thoughts. 




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