Ayurvedic Tips To Keep Kids Healthy When Season Changes | Dimple Jangda 


As the seasons gracefully shift, so do the dynamics of our children’s well-being. The change in weather often brings with it an increased vulnerability to illnesses among our little ones.

Mansi Zaveri, Founder of Kidsstoppress chatted with Ayurveda & Gut Health Coach Dimple Jangda during Season 3 of the Kidsstoppress Podcasts and she shared tips and remedies that can help your child when they are struggling with a bad cold or cough.

Her holistic approach to wellness aligns seamlessly with the principles of Ayurveda, offering a natural and nurturing way to support our kids when the season changes.

Dimple Jangda’s expertise in Ayurveda unveils a tapestry of natural remedies and practices that form a comprehensive approach to children’s well-being during the change of seasons.

She also talked about the importance of Dincharya & Virudh Ahaar in the rest of the interview. You can watch that here!

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