Common Skin Care Problems During Pregnancy & Post-Pregnancy

This KSP Exclusive gives you answers to all the common skin problems you are facing during pregnancy. Dr Banani Choudhary talks to us about changes a woman faces during pregnancy and gives solutions for the same. She also tells us what kinds of food to eat and avoid for healthy skin during pregnancy. She answers one question that every new mom has and that is how to deal with the dark circles’ post-pregnancy. Tune in and find out what she has to say.

Being pregnant and post-pregnancy means a lot of bodily changes. That doesn’t mean that everyone understands these changes right away. To understand our journey and things that are happening to us, we rely on other people. We ask them about their birthing choices, breastfeeding choices, about how to deal with the 3 trimesters and what is right to eat. But is that really helping us? 

Everybody is different and it reacts to things differently. Whilst some have skin issues the others can’t deal with the rapid weight gain. 

Today, on KSP TV, we talk to Dr Banani Choudhary from Jaslok hospital about the common problems moms face with their skin during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. She gives home remedial solutions to these problems and also shares how we should increase the zinc intake and eat food with low glycemic food. She talks to us about Cryotherapy and if it is good during pregnancy. 

Tune in and find out her solution to the one common trouble every new mom has – DARK CIRCLES. You never know this may work for you!


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