Dear Moms, Do You Feel Lost Too?

Self-doubt, self-criticism, confusion, guilt… sounds familiar? You are not alone. But are you wrong to feel all this? No! You just need a push in the right direction.

Have you ever just spaced out while doing a task? Thinking about every little mistake or every situation you couldn’t control? Does your inner voice belittle you rather than encourage you? Have you started doubting yourself, maybe a little too much?

Hey, you are not alone!

As moms, we are responsible for so much of everything. Sometimes or most of the time, it gets a little overwhelming. But hey, that’s normal, you are only human. So, is doubting yourself normal too? No! Self-doubt gets in the way of your productivity and that spark which is so unique to you. Yet in those small moments, when it creeps in, you feel helpless and confused.

Dear Moms, Do you feel lost too?

We hear you! And we decided to do something about it. To help you feel good about yourself. To help you take control. To just be that voice who encourages rather than belittles. Keeping all this in mind, we bring to you a course that gives you a push in the right direction. A breath of fresh air over all that suffocating self-criticism.

Here’s how I stay motivated to raise my business and babies at the same time

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