DIY Activity: Learn How To Make A 3D Model Of A Rabbit’s Burrow

Have you ever made a diorama? You should try this DIY activity that we made using simple things found around the house.

Aren't we all trying to find ways to make learning fun for our kids and keep them entertained at the same time? Today I am sharing a fun activity I did with my son. We made an underground animal diorama

What is a diorama? Well! It is a 3-dimensional model, usually, a miniature model representing a real life-like scenario. It is fun to create dioramas and they are amazing aid for hands-on learning.

In an attempt to introduce my little guy to underground habitats and burrows, I made this crafty diorama using an empty cardboard box, packaging paper and some basic stationery supplies.

What You Need

  • Empty Cardboard Box
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Brown Packing Paper
  • Green Crepe Paper
  • Coconut Husk

How I Made It:

  • We used an empty cardboard box and drew a rough sketch of the layout.
  • To make the burrow detailing we hot glued cardboard scrap strips together.
  • For the sand we used crumpled brown packing paper. Green crepe paper was used for the tree and plants.
  • We then made nests out of coconut husks.
  • Using brush pens we did the finishing touches to make it all pretty.

PS: The figurines are actually erasers

We paired this play with an amazing book 'Under Your Feet'. This book is love, right from the fabulous sensory hardcover page Lots of gorgeous pictures, illustrations and fun topics related to the underground, with just the right level of information for little ones.

Mini's interest in animals was tingled and how?!  He wanted to know all about what rabbits ate and why they hop about and not walk. He immersed himself into a fun pretend play with all the little animals.

We read not just about burrowers but also about bats, owls and worms, food habits, where they live etc (We went through the DK Animals Encyclopedia for that).

This diorama proved to be so much fun for play and learning, keeping him occupied for days.

Get a sneak peek into the fun he had with the diorama

Do try it out and tell us if your child enjoyed making it as much as we did!

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