DIY Science Experiments | Christmas Special| Episode 2

This Christmas let your kids enjoy it with Santa and science! The Nutty Scientist in a special two-part episode shows us spectacular experiments that you can do with household supplies and make this Christmas a fun learning one!

Did you love watching the first episode of Nutty Scientist’s Fun Christmas themed science experiments? Then we have episode 2 just in time for you!

We parents want nothing more than our kids to have fun and learn in the process and that’s why Kidsstoppress loves DIY experiments where kids can explore their creativity, have tons of fun, and learn science concepts. Kidsstoppress brought in the Nutty Scientists, who have made their mark across the globe as pioneers in interactive programmes that teach kids all about science, math and STEM activities through fun games and experiments. In a special two part series, they show you experiments you can try out using things around the house and learn while you wait for Santa. 

On this episode we are making Jingle Bells and CandyCane Elephant Toothpaste! 

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? We loved doing it and we hope you and your kids love it too! 


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