Eco-friendly Party Wear That Should Be On Your Radar This Festive Season

Looking for limited edition, organic clothing for your little girls? With matching hair accessories- so you don’t have to rush to the stores last minute? Say yes to Ribbon Candy- a mom’s dream for her little girls and yours!

The festive season is here and the party scene can actually get a li'l overwhelming if you are a parent. From planning the right party wear, to accessories and making sure you don't repeat them- there is a lot that you need to plan. But, do you pause, to find out if the party wear is actually comfortable for your kids? An itchy and not-so-comfortable dress on a long day is the last thing you would want to hear as complaints from your kids (trust me- been there, heard that!). 

Scroll down to read all about this brand- that makes limited edition, organic clothing for your little girls. 

About Ribbon Candy:

Ribbon Candy is the brainchild of Meghna Gandhi, a mom of 2 girls, who is passionate about designing and sustainable lifestyle. She began Ribbon Candy as a pet project in 2010 and since then it has expanded from a home-grown label to a boutique brand. The collection here is hand-crafted by local artisans and they use high-quality cotton fabrics. 

What do they make:

  • At Ribbon Candy you will find partywear and playwear for girls from 2-8 years.
  • They believe in curating the best cotton fabrics to make sure your child gets to wear, the most breathable and softest fabrics in designs they will simply love.
  • Meghna's daughters and their friends help the brand pick out designs and prints- so you know, they read your child's mind right! 

  • You will find an exquisite and curated collection of apparel, hair accessories and jewellery for girls at Ribbon Candy.
  • Ribbon Candy that swears by the concept of sustainable fashion- has an innovative way to make your search for accessories easier. Each apparel you buy here comes with matching hair accessories that are made of upcycled, surplus material from the outfits that not only minimises wastage but double up as matching and stylish accessories as well! Now, that's interesting!

How to order:

You can place orders from their wide collection on their website. From hair accessories to jewellery sets for moms and girls to apparels- you will find them all here. They also take orders on their Facebook and Instagram handles. 


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Price range:

Their jewellery line for mom and girls starting at Rs 275 onwards while the Playwear collection starts at Rs 1099 onwards and the Partywear starts at Rs 1495 onwards. Their colourful hair accessories start at Rs 100 onwards. 


Ribbon Candy: Website Facebook Instagram 

This post is written in association with Ribbon Candy.


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