Esha Nagar | I Was Rejected By My Dadi Because I was A Girl Child

Ever felt that you were a girl child and you were treated differently? You are not alone. Listen to this exclusive podcast on Raising Parents by Mansi Zaveri on Jio Saavn.

My parents always raised me and my sisters to be strong and empowered. Never made us believe that we are not equal to boys. I remember – we were physically strong, mentally strong, and he engrained it very early on the importance of being financially independent.

Our guest this week is Esha Nagar, an entrepreneur. She walks us through her journey as a child, and how she is a product of her childhood. She is strong, confident, and accepts challenges and has the ability to look at the brighter side. On this episode of Raising Parents hosted by Mansi Zaveri, she talks about:

  • How her Dada and Dadi refused to raise her because she was a girl child and she stayed home with her Nana and Nani
  • Her brother stayed with her paternal grandparents
  • How she faced so much rejection but at the same time a lot of love
  • She was a pseudo parent to her brother when her parents passed away
  • How this affects you and your mental health
  • And more…

Listen to this entire episode of Raising Parents on Jio Saavn.

Where can you listen to the show: Jio Saavn

When: A new episode every week on Wednesday


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