Achinta Shueli: His Story Behind Winning Gold For India

Achinta never would have expected or known that he would set the nation on fire. Him winning gold for India was only possible with the unimaginable amount of work and dedication. Find out on this episode of I Am Not bored.

Hailing from a poor family in the Howrah district of West Bengal, Achinta never would have expected or known that he would set the nation on fire with news of him winning gold for India on his debut at the commonwealth games. Let’s learn a bit about him and see what it takes to win gold for India.

Achinta And How He Did It

His brother too was a lifter like him but when their father passed away, Achinta’s brother dropped out of school and their mother started doing embroidery to support Achinta’s dream of lifting for India. Still, the struggles to compete at the top level were too many.

They couldn’t afford the right food and multi-vitamins. While most lifters would have meat for every meal, Achinta would call it lucky to find even vegetables alongside his rice.

But did any of that stop our Achinta? No. He and his coach found creative ways around every problem, like not being able to afford a gym so converting a poultry farm into one. When you lift for a living, there are some problems you just can’t think your way out of. But with pure hard work and determination fueling his training, he did it, making his family and the whole country proud.

In this episode of I Am Not Bored, India’s leading Kids’ Podcast, Mansi Zaveri, the founder of Kidsstoppress tells your kids about the absolutely inspiring life story of India’s gold winner Achinta Shueli.

In this episode we will cover:

  • Coming from a humble background.
  • Making the best with what you’ve got.
  • Family has always got your back.
  • Where hard work and perseverance can take you.
  • What it takes to win a Gold medal for India.

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