Floating Balls & Music Apps To Keep Things Interesting. Download Planner #6

The weekend is here and you deserve a break too. Use the KSP Daily Planner #6 to get through your day.

With schools and nurseries being closed, and lockdown now in effect, parents are faced with the daunting prospect of keeping their kids entertained for hours on end, while simultaneously keeping them fit, healthy and educated. Not to mention that many will still need to fit in working from home in-between.

Humans are creatures of habit and routines. Indeed, research shows our sensitivity to regularities in our everyday lives is present very early in life. As such, maintaining regular routines as best we can is one way we can feel in control of an otherwise largely uncontrollable situation. What do you think?

This is a one-day no fuss, no rule planner that your kids can follow. Like it? Click here to download an entire week's planner, so you know what your kids are doing during this lockdown!

Here’s how to deal with self-isolation & social distancing with kids like a pro – Daily Planner # 6

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