Holi Hacks Every Mom Must Know

If your kids love to play Holi then these mom hacks are just what you need to protect their skin, nail and hair and save you hours of scrubbing.

Holi is here and that just spells fun for the family! Winter is finally over and that means there is nor striction for the kids to enjoy the Holi celebrations outdoors. Thankfully, there are a number of options where parents can buy organic colours that are not harmful to the child's skin causing irritation and rashes. Check out our list of the best organic colour brands you can buy online and pichkaris too.

As much as we love to celebrate the festival of colours- the whole process of cleaning up after the celebrations is a tough task, we must agree. To rub the colours of the skin, nails and hair, we need a lot of effort and with kids- double the effort! Here is why we have compiled a list of useful and very simple hacks you need to sail through the Holi and not fret about the cleaning up process! Happy Holi!




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