Have You Added These Books In Your Kids’ Bookshelf?

The rainy season is here! Do you want your kids to enjoy this season without always wanting to play in the rain? Well, books can be a solution! Check out these books we have added to our bookshelf.
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The monsoon has started to kick in with it’s heavy showers. Kids may love to get all wet in the rain but we wouldn’t appreciate that so much. It does bring joy to them, but so does it bring a ton of diseases! So, how to ensure the kids don’t sulk in this cool and ‘stay indoors‘ season? Reading ofcourse!

Even though, reading a book while sipping on some delicious hot beverage, listening to the melodic rainfall is more of a ‘grown ups’ dream. It can be possible with the kids too! How?

Why would kids read rather than sit on those gadgets?

Because they’ll realize the stories and their imagination is way more interesting than the visuals fed by the phones. But to realize that, they need to have fun and interesting books! Books that are written for kids. Stories that are meant for kids. Writing that is simple for kids to understand.

How do I find these books for my kids to read?

You don’t have to! Yep that’s right. Because we have done the work and have made dozens of book lists that are curated for kids. (You’re welcome!) We’ve recently added these amazing titles in out bookshelf. But there are so many more books that are fun, interesting and will keep your kids nose stuck between those pages.

Where do I find these book lists?

Right question! And your answer to this question and many other questions is the KSP Book Club! It’s a place you’ll find well-curated lists of books on different topics by Indian and international authors spreading across various genres and it is all for the kiddos!

So, what you waiting for? Click the button below and be a part of our KSP Book Club!

Check out these awesome books that we added to our bookshelf! Have you?

Share this with fellow parents who would love to know how to make the rainy season fun for their kids without involving ‘getting wet’. Spread the word!

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