How Does Pollution Affect Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant your body is already going through a lot of changes. When elements like pollution come into play, things take on another angle. High pollution levels are extremely dangerous for pregnant women as well as the foetus. Dr Ranjana Sharma tell is more on the effects of pollution and what we can do about it.

Pollution levels around the country are skyrocketing and checking AQI through the day has become a regular feature. Earlier it was only Delhi that bore the brunt of this toxic air quality but it seems this is a problem that other cities in India are also facing. The ones who are most affected by this poor (read hazardous) quality are children, old people and pregnant women.

People are looking to buy air purifiers, pollution masks and food that can help fight off the negative effects of pollution in a bid to control the damage the fine particulate matter present in the air. If you’re not sure which air purifier to invest in, this guide will help. 

We spoke to Dr Ranjana Sharma, Senior Consultant Obstetrics & Gynaecology at Apollo Cradle Royale and she shared her expert opinion on how and why high pollution levels are dangerous for the to-be-mom and the unborn baby. It can also affect your body if you’re planning to have a baby. 

Scroll down to know what Dr Sharma had to say about the effects of pollution and what we can do about it. 

Some of the things Dr Sharma shared with us were

  • Did you know that babies inhale more air per kilogramme of their body? So they actually inhale more of the fine particulate matter hanging in the air. This enters their developing lungs and causing problems.
  • Pregnant women are coming to doctors to know whether its safe for them to stay in this environment and actually deliver a baby.
  • The doctors’ advice pregnant women to eat fresh food, leave out unprocessed food from their diet and on the other hand, the basic air that they breathe is hazardous to their health and that of their unborn child. What can be done about that is the question that everyone is asking?

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