How I Taught My Daughter Cursive Writing

Honestly speaking, never in my life I ever thought I would have to teach her cursive writing. I thought this would be something that would be taken care by her class teachers but this year pandemic changed the whole picture. This is how I taught her cursive writing.

We have touched a new milestone and bumblebee has learned to write cursive writing in small letters.

Honestly speaking, never in my life did I ever think I would have to teach her cursive writing? I thought this would be something that would be taken care of by her class teachers, but this year pandemic changed the whole picture. We had online classes and her class teacher was always there to guide us. But getting things done physically is completely different and in the end, it was all on ME.

What Helped Us?

Well, it was really hard to make her learn cursive writing.

Her class teacher told us if there was no pandemic, they would have taught them on coloured sand in school (the Montessori way). However since we all were at home, she suggested that we try using sooji (rawa, semolina), or flour.

That’s when I remembered about coloured sooji shared by one of my Instagram friends where she made coloured sooji using sooji, food colour, a little bit of vinegar and blended it in a mixer. That’s what I have used to make bumblebee practice different strokes, turns and loops.

Once she was comfortable we shifted to four-line pages. This can also be used to practice regular alphabets for in kindergarten.

This is what helped me. I hope this helps you.

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