How to Get In Shape For The Festive Season

Getting ready to welcome the festive season? Want to get into shape without any extreme dieting? Read how you can do all of that and look like a diva.

With the festive and wedding season approaching, everyone is running to the blouse lady. I used to opt for cuts and colours that made me look thinner. Avoiding horizontal stripes and opting for dark colours over their lighter counterparts. It is like trying to cover a pimple with makeup instead of just trying to get better skin. Weight loss seems like such a Herculean task but it’s the simplest thing to do.  


With just about a month to Diwali, there’s enough time to lose a substantial amount without going on a detox diet, juice diet and without giving up roti and rice. With me, the steps are always simple and they get you results. People on my programmes lose up to 4 kgs a month while eating pav bhaji and biryani too.

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