Is Your Child Distracted? Here’s The Solution – Nir Eyal

We are constantly complaining about how distracted our kids are. Don’t you think all of us are distracted all the time? Nir Eyal is the author of the best seller Hooked and Indistractable and he shares some practical tips that can help kids as well as adults.

As a parent working from home, with the kids doing school from home and the husband working from home, being distracted is say. Add to that the 200 emails and Whatsapp messages that need answering, my Instagram feed that I feel compelled to scroll through for a bit too long and the list carries on.

Mansi Zaveri, Founder of Kidsstoppress spoke to Bestselling Author & Dad – Nir Eyal who wrote the famous books- Indistractable and Hooked. He shares with us tips on

  • How do I explain screen time to my children when they watch me use my gadgets all day.
  • How does a child decide what they should focus on & deal with this paradox of choice?
  • Are we over structuring their time – are we killing our kids’ creativity to gain productivity?

He is so right when he says that no one really knows what they want immediately. With kids especially, let’s start with doing something that they want one day at a time. Then only can they move forward to making a commitment and learning self-regulation skills.

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If you would like to listen to the full interview where Mansi Zaveri & Nir Eyal talk about 

  • How to raise indistractable kids
  • How to stay focused as a parent
  • How to raise kids amidst the influence of technology 
  • How to ace productivity 
  • How to master internal and external triggers to achieve more in less time

You can listen to the full podcast here on JioSaavn

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