After 2 Slip Discs I Never Thought I Would Exercise Again

Celebrity actress Chhavi Mittal is a mom to two beautiful kids, is a TV actress and runs a company called Shitty Ideas Trending. Watch the video to know how she does it all and stays positive, energetic and is an amazing mom.
chhavi mittal

As moms, we have our hands full all the time. There is so much we want to do but very often we let things slide. We let other things overtake and overshadow things we would like to do and that would make us happy. But there are also other moms out there who are doing it all, like us and making time for themselves.

Mansi Zaveri, Founder of Kidsstoppress caught up with celebrity actress Chhavi Mittal. Chhavi is a mom to two beautiful kids, is a TV actress and runs 2 companies – Shitty Ideas Trending and Being Woman. Besides that, she is also a fitness fanatic, a champion of all moms and women in general.  She feels moms need to do things for themselves as well and not only for others around them. 

Her exercise time is very precious to her and is her ‘me’ time – this is the time she can concentrate on herself and be ready for the day ahead. Just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t make her any different from us.

She makes breakfast for her kids, has dealt with multiple slip discs, got back on her feet stronger than before, runs a successful business and is always around when her 7 years old and one-year-old need her. During her pregnancy phase, she found the struggle between breastfeeding and working out the most challenging thing. But she found her middle ground.

After her 1st slip disc she followed her doctor’s advice for a full 5 years and says

I have never felt more a cripple in those 5 years

When she had her 2nd slip disc her doctor at that time told her that she has to start using her muscles or they would deteriorate and she needed to build it and listen to her what her body was saying.

So if you want to know more, click on the video. Watch the video to know what else Chhavi Mittal does in her day, her exercise regime and how she resists eating junk. 


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