Learn Land & Water Forms With This Fun DIY Activity

Try this fun activity to teach different land and water forms to your child!

Don't you agree, kids always learn, enjoy & remember better with actual hands-on learning? Earth day being so close we are exploring more about our mother Earth. A hand full of kinetic sand & a container of water (less than half to be precise), kept my boy busy for 3 days straight & still going strong! 

We talked about – Island – Lake – Bay – Isthmus – Archipelago – Peninsula – Cape – Gulf. Junior & I thoroughly enjoyed this hands-on & sensory activity. He asked if we could try with real water & sand. I was more than happy to set this up

What We Needed

  • Flat Glass container (any baking tray/steel/ plastic container will do).
  • Poured little water.
  • Gave some kinetic sand.

That's all, we were set!

At first, I added few drops of blue food colour to the water. A tiny bit of Yellow from the kinetic sand (store-bought) & blue food colour turned green, not appealing so a simple hack, I trimmed blue colour craft paper exactly the size of the container and placed it under to give it a beautiful blue hue.

We tried our hands on all the water & landforms we knew talked about them, we created Tsunami even formed Pangaea 

Note: I didn't want to mess up our kinetic sand, so I tested a spoon with water before I set this up (it dried up within a night) so it was perfect!

Do try this activity at home and tell us in the comments below how the kids enjoyed this fun learning activity. If you do learning activities with your child and would like to share that with us , please email us at contribute@kidsstoppress.com. 

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