Mango Pancake For Babies


Recipe: Mango Pancake


  • Choose a very well-ripened sweet mango, peel it & grind to make purée.
  • In a bowl take 4-6 spoons of oats flour and add mango purée to this. Mix well, add water to adjust batter consistency.
  • Make a medium consistency batter, enough to spread easily on the pan. We don’t want our pancakes to be too thin.
  • Cook till golden brown on both sides using some butter & serve when it cools with some chopped mangoes on the side. The inside of it still is a little gooey so it’s imp to let it cool down.

Tip – Add 2-3 spoons of animal milk while making mango purée. A little amount of animal milk used while cooking will not harm the baby (unless the baby is lactose intolerant). 

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