Navratri & Dussehra Special Podcasts For Kids!

So why do we celebrate Navratri? Do your kids know the reason? Do they know just how powerful Goddess Durga is? Tune in to these exclusive podcasts with your kids to know all about Navratri!

Happy Durga Puja! This is one festival that is celebrated all across the country- but each with a different name, a different custom and a whole world of delicacies! 

But how would you explain Navratri to your li'l kids? My daughter keeps asking about the significance of each day- why we do what we do in each Puja and won't God actually feel tired at the end of the 9 days! 

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If you have got a super enthusiastic child at home- waiting to know more about the festivities and the celebrations- here is your saviour. Tune into these special KSP Radio podcasts- curates especially for the kids- to help them understand about things happening all around them. About why Goddess Durga has so many hands? How did she kill Mahishasura the evil demon and why we celebrate the fall of evil with grand celebrations. 

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Liked what you heard? Don't forget to share your feedback with us in the comments below. We love to hear what the young minds thought of these podcasts, and how we can make them better! Happy Dussehra! 

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