Notes As A Parent In 2018 (Which Hashtag Do You Identify With?)

What has 2018 taught you as a parent? Click here to read what Mansi Zaveri learnt and the hashtags she is talking about are all trending!

2018 has been by far the most important year for me. 

It’s made me more resilient and value things that are most important. 

It’s a year where I was good, bad and a student wanting to be better and truer to myself each day.

It’s been a year where perception was larger than reality and that’s not always the best thing. Here are a few learnings for me. In a world where everything including emotions is a hashtag, my year-ender would be incomplete without them! 

Believe in the power to dream: I cannot explain how important this is. So many dreams came true that my subconscious had secretly sent out to the universe as wishes. They were dreams that were big but not only did the universe conspire but also made me work hard to achieve them.

Mid 2018 was a jolt to stop taking people we love for granted and spend more time with them. You will never have enough money, never enough time and never enough opportunities to make it up to them. So grab every opportunity and make the best of time with your family. 

In 2017 I promised to spend more time with my parents who are definitely not growing any younger and never disconnect their calls, no matter what. I stuck to that through the year and made it a point to call home every single day on my way to work and visit them at least once a week. I'm glad I stuck to it. I've starting appreciating the tent poles so when I look back each one of them can remind me of how far I have come.

I've realised this year that while our bodies belong to us, our lives belong to those who are left behind. Our kids, old parents, our families and friends who miss us each day. I also realised and this Instagram post is a reminder of that. Put your health before everything so you can enjoy all the materialistic pleasures you have spent a lifetime earning. 


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Especially yourself! There is always something to learn from everyone. There were more times that I surprised myself this year with how I dealt with things than I would like to count. But a pat on the back and onwards to newer challenges.

Always have a Plan B, you never know when you will need it. 

We never take no for an answer and you can't really disown your child. You give in not because they are stronger but because you are wiser.

My kids once told me, "Mom we don't understand it like the way you do. If we knew how to, we would!" And it is so true. Don't expect the world to understand things the way you do, pace it out and let things take their time. 

Life is too short to repeat the same mistake, to grow, you need to make new mistakes.

This is one quality I want my kids to learn always. Be punctual, be on time — Whether it's the bus, class hours or even a playdate. If you respect the other person's time, they will respect yours too.
Every night, the girls and I discuss the day gone by, and in that discussion they are allowed to tell me a secret. Once my daughter told me, Mom I don't think it's ever gonna change, there is just a week to go. I said give it all you have and it's okay if it still doesn't change. She did and it worked. There is always a way out. 

Once my daughter insisted that she come for my yoga class and I said sure. 5 mins in and she saw how the whole class was at a different levels and how no student had the same practice. What's amazing is that she noticed that everyone there was happy doing Yoga even though no two people were at the same level. There was no competition and that was the beauty of the whole thing. 

This is one of the biggest lessons I've learnt. It's the best part of your life that goes up. It's the oxymoron of #nofilter. Everything is filtered. Please do not believe in every photo and underestimate what you have. What you have is beautiful! Despite of being on Instagram and undoubtedly my favourite social media platform, I know the effort it takes for every picture, more often than not the perfect moment is a blur and you relieve it only through the likes and comments.

As a team and philosophy at Kidsstoppress we want to keep it as real as possible, we want to not share the feeling of inadequacy and hopelessness but that of positivity, hope and abundance. 

If you read our article and watched this video by Sadhguru, you will know what we are talking about. We should stop asking this question because they don't need to be us.

My daughter often complains that people copy her or how her little sister copies her all the time and my answer to her is how can you own it? Try and come up with something that makes it uniquely yours. We are all born with a fingerprint and the reason why it's unique to you is because it's yours alone. In everything that you do leave that mark on it and the world can't copy you.

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