“Open Conversations With Our Teens Critical”: Actress Shefali Shah At Snapchat’s Safety Event

As part of Snapchat’s recent safety event, the platform announced a slew of features that are meant to safeguard its teen users. Here’s a look.

We are the sandwich generation of parents, at the cusp of a digital revolution, raising teens who are digital natives.

●  They are the generation that went straight from classrooms to classes on 15.6″ screens

●  They went from hopping to dance classes to learning them on Zoom

●  They are the generation that puts their digital skills on their CV to help them with university admissions and work

Raise your hands if you have been one of those who has asked your teen a doubt (or two) when it comes to handling apps or tech. I will raise mine!

At Kidsstoppress, we have always lent our voice and support to things that concern keeping our kids safe in the real and digital world.

There are concerns that parents have towards their teens’ safety and privacy and however cool you want to be as a parent to them, you are very clear on not crossing that line that can be mistaken for intrusion of privacy or even snooping. The challenge is to stay on the middle path, so it is a win-win for teens and us!

As part of Snapchat’s recent Safety event, the platform announced a slew of features that are meant to safeguard its teen users.

Read more about them here

Movie and Theatre actress and a mom of two, Shefali Shah spoke about what it means, as a parent of teens, to encourage responsible online behaviour and how to carefully tread the thin line between encouraging their freedom and hovering around to ensure they are safe. She spoke about how parenting in the current digital age required constant conversations.

She spoke about how beyond an age, teens won’t be taking instructions from parents and why it is imperative for us, as parents, to understand this growing phase of theirs and have the right conversations, especially those concerning their safety in a way they will understand. She said as parents, it is critical for us to ensure we create an environment that encourages teens to open up to them which is a safer option rather than with their outside world.

Uthara Ganesh, Head of Public Policy, South Asia, Snap Inc., spoke about how these new features will ensure no unknown contacts can get in touch with your teen on the platform. And when they try to, a message alerts your teen, so they know that they are not from their contact list. Uthara also spoke about the strike system where Snap immediately removes inappropriate content that it proactively detects or that gets reported. If an account is repeatedly trying to circumvent rules, the app bans that account.

Nitanshi Goel, Snapstar and a Gen Z creator spoke about how the platform helped her build a community that extended help to her, especially during her exam times, by even sharing notes! She discussed her experience as a Gen Z representative, highlighting that she has consistently felt secure while using Snapchat. With the introduction of these additional safety measures, the platform has elevated its level of security, further guaranteeing the digital safety of teenagers.

For more information on the new tools and other safety features introduced by Snapchat, parents can log onto their Family Centre.

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