Review: Candylicious chocs that look pretty

Candylicious chocs that look pretty.
On a random BB conversation I remember one of my friends asking for contacts for someone who does birth announcements and there were so many numbers exchanged which I promise to share with you soon, I had my eyes & ears open for someone who was outstanding.
Its one thing to make chocolates that taste great and another to present it in a way that your heart just melts away.
At Candylicious, (I really dig the name) they give chocolates an abode they deserve. From bouquets to popcorn tubs, to cradles & cribs. They have it all.

>On offer they have branded candy – Bounty, Snickers, Mars, Twix, Lindt, Ferrero Rocher – or in-house Belgian chocolates. They have exquisite bouquets on display with chocolate you have never tasted before, I say skip the brands.  My daughter loved the giant rainbow coloured lollipops, sad I didn’t let her eat any. Candy is bad, Chocolate is good says moi.

Recommendation: Indulge & order it for others to indulge too. Enter at your own risk – they are too yummy to resist, Beware of kids entering the store
Location:  Candylicious, shop no 72 A, Perry  Cross Road, opposite Perry Cross Road Mosque, Bandra (W), call 67427358 / 9820047447.
Image Courtesy: Burrp!
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