Teach Your Kids To Stand Up Against Body Shaming. Here’s How!

Change the narrative at home about how to talk about body image. Here’s how to talk to your children about it.

While we know it is important to talk to our children about topics such as gender equality, cyberbullying, about what is happening in the world, we have also realized that it is also important to talk to your child about body image. Who would have thought that? It is very important to talk about F-word. When we mean F we mean fat. This is one of the trickiest conversations but take baby steps, don’t continuously stress about the scale in front of your child, teach your kids empathy and you will be on the road of raising a responsible child who believes in being strong and not “skinny” or “buff”. 

When it comes to talking about body image, it is all about using the right language. Delete a few words the dictionary around your child and change the narrative. Don’t obsess about the fad diets around your children. The pressure around body image is real at all age-groups.

So how should we change a few things at home?


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How are you talking to your kids about this? Let us know in the comments below. 

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