The Power of Night Time Rituals: Essential Bedtime Routines To Try With Children

Bedtime rituals for children: Connect, heal & develop. Share love, praise good deeds, narrate stories, ask about their day, practice gratitude, affirm positivity. Impact their subconscious mind for lasting change. Be the encouraging voice they need. Love at a deep level.
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When the lights go off, the subconscious brain starts working!! The most powerful, the most impactful part of your body starts working. 

The subconscious brain is 800 times more active than the conscious brain!!

It has a deep impact on our psyche and the way we approach experiences and our ability to grasp feelings and situations. It is highly productive to train the subconscious mind in the right manner!

When children sleep with us at bedtime, it is a great time to connect and heal. This is the ideal time to for two strong reasons

  • They’re ready to share their vulnerable sides and experiences in the day.
  • Their subconscious brain is ready to absorb and gain from your impactful words.

Night Time Rituals You Should Practise With Your Kids

  • Connecting with them with love and physical touch
  • Sharing your day and moments with them
  • Using wise words to connect deeply as well as to heal their vulnerabilities
  • Making them feel loved with the gentlest words.

Here are some things to practice with your child at bedtime. I promise you will notice radical changes and development with these practices. Yes, they’re slow and gradual but the results are everlasting. These rituals need not be elaborate and elongated. You can keep it short and sweet as your time permits.

Here’s what you do:

Sharing Love

Begin by talking and sharing how much you love your child. Begin this practice with a connection filled with love and beautiful words.

Two Good Things

Talk about 2 good deeds and things that your child did in the day. 

Eg: Handing a glass of water to dadi, giving a smile to the man across the road.

It could be something very simple and sweet but it encourages the effort of the child. When you make this a ritual, children truly look forward to hearing good words about them. Who doesn’t want praise and appreciation?

Story Narration

On days when you have time, narrate stories from your childhood to teach moral values like respect, honesty and empathy. Children learn powerfully with hypnotic learning. When we share our childhood vulnerabilities, children find us more relatable and feel understood.

Ask More Questions

Ask your child subtle questions like –

How was your day?

What was your happiest moment of the day?

Did anything make you sad or upset today?

What did you love doing the most today?

Your child will share his deep emotional moments of the day which helps you understand where to connect and repair!

Help Them UnderstandGratitude

Make it a regular ritual to thank the universe and God for all that we love. Gratitude is deep and important. It humbles you and gives you a sense of oneness.

Positive Affirmations

Don’t forget to whisper positive affirmations and words in your child’s ears once they have just fallen asleep. Just when they have fallen asleep, the senses are active and absorbing. Remember, use only positive words and in the first person.

Eg: Rudransh is a happy boy. Nyshita is peaceful.

Use this technique to impart all those values you wish to see. See the magic unfold!!!!

Remember to practice any technique religiously for 21 days to see the results and make it a habit!!

We are the voice in the child’s head. Be an encouraging and positive voice to the conscious and subconscious brain. This is love at a deep level.

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