Tips| How To Deal With Temper Tantrum In Kids (Tried & Tested)

How to deal with temper tantrums with kids and how our body language should be throughout this time.

If you are a parent, then you will definitely have faced this at some point in your parenting journey. Your child wants something and you don't give in – a meltdown is sure to follow especially in younger kids. This is the most embarassing when it is in front of a crowd. That's when you sit and wonder, why didn't anyone talk about this aspect of parenting and prepare you? Why do they only talk about the sleepless nights and breastfeeding. 

What is a temper tantrum really? A tantrum is the expression of a child's frustration with his or her limitations or anger about not being able to get his or her way.

Dr Ishinna Sadana is a parenting coach and she says a temper tantrum is how kids express themselves- through their emotions of anger, being upset, getting stubborn or just crying like mad. Mansi Zaveri, Founder of Kidsstoppress spoke to Dr Sadana about

  • How to deal with temper tantrums
  • How your body language & expressions can influence the child at that point
  • Why some kids hit & bite and the different types of behaviour a child can display and what you can do as a parent about it.

We tend to forget that these little beings aren't adults and that their brain and emotion regulators are still developing. We all tend to react adversely when pushed by our kids. 

Would you want to know how to be a calmer parent, a more positive parent and how you can regulate your own behaviour to bring out the best in your child? Listen to this podcast to know what the expert recommends.

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