When Should I Let My Daughter Start Waxing?

When is the right time to allow your daughter to wax? If you are wondering too then you need to read this personal account.

Growing up for a girl means a host of painful, annoying hair removal. Questions that every parent seems to be asking are how young is too young to start waxing for my daughter? Is waxing a safe hair removal option? What is the appropriate age for girls to wax?

Well, it depends! My daughter was 14 years old when she got waxed for the first time. Like most mothers, I was pushing the inevitable till I could. I knew that once we jumped on the waxing bandwagon there was no turning back for my little one.

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I wanted to spare the pain that I had dealt with for so many years. 

Why did we take the plunge finally? Well! She asked me. Till now she hadn’t said anything about the hair on her legs or her arms. But as we planned our trip to the beach with some family friends, she got super nervous. The other girls were waxing and she didn’t want to be teased by the boys. Girls anyway feel self-conscious about their appearances as they enter adolescence. Plus, some research shows that kids are going through puberty earlier and hitting periods early.

  • Breast growth – buying the right bra for your child is essential and our first bra for your tween/teen guide is an excellent starting place
  • Pubic and underarm hair
  • Menstruation
  • Ovulation
  • Body odour: Increased sweat production may lead to body odour.
  • Skin changes: Skin may become oilier and acne can develop.

When it comes to waxing, it entirely depends on the amount of hair your daughter has. Some girls don’t need to have any hair removal experience even until after their teens while some may need it by as early as the age of 12 years. It depends on the clothes worn also. Kids under 13 may sometimes have fine hair, sometimes dark and you may want to choose battles – trim/cut underarm hair as an option if it is too long and makes your child feel conscious. 

If you have a young one who isn’t quite ready for waxing but is conscious about all the unwanted body hair, then there are natural body hair removal powders that are safe for young kids. We have curated a list of names that you would find helpful.

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However, before doing anything it is important to do research. There are a host of hair removal techniques available including. Laser we don’t recommend till the kids are 18 years old. Every parent should check with their paediatrician about that.

  • Waxing
  • Shaving
  • Hair removal creams
  • Laser treatments
  • Epilators

Explore different options to find what is best suited to your daughter’s skin and preference and limits pain as much as she needs. The one thing to keep in mind, however, is to do any of the above in a parlour for the first time. It is likely safer, more hygienic and less painful than at home. 

Clean the Area: Wash with mild soap and water; avoid lotions or oils.

Exfoliate: Gently exfoliate a day or two before waxing to prevent ingrown hairs.

Check Skin: Avoid waxing sunburned, irritated, or broken skin.

Use Clean Tools: Make sure the salon person is using a new spatula

Cleanse the Skin: Use a gentle antiseptic or cleanser; avoid hot water.

Avoid Heat and Friction: Skip hot baths and exercise for 24 hours; wear loose clothing.

Monitor for Reactions: Watch for signs of infection & redness of skin.

Moisturize: Apply soothing lotion or aloe vera; avoid products with alcohol or fragrances

There are different options available now – Rica, Chocolate Wax or regular Honey Wax. We opted to use Chocolate Wax since it was supposed to be the best. Besides giving you a softer waxing experience, it reduces the possibility of redness and itchiness. The pain does get better as we know from our own experience. Just make sure you don’t wait for all the hair to grow out again before you take your daughter for her next wax. 

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We would love to know your views on this. Talk to us in the comments below or write to us at [email protected]’s help each other make this phase for our kids easier.

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