14 Positive Affirmations For A Working Mom

Try these affirmations and be a mom who is raising a business and her babies!

I feel like the woman I was before I was a mom, I am familiar with her but I don’t know her as well, anymore. Ever wondered why we get into this rut? Why do we alter our lives completely? Honestly, I have to think really hard to remember what it was like to be her. And I won’t lie, I miss being her too. 

I think that’s because I’ve been deep in the trenches for the past few years. I’m all the way down here under the diapers and laundry piles and preschool paperwork and doctor’s appointments and hours breastfeeding and boxes of toys and dress up bins and all of it. All of motherhood. I’m down here, with this title ‘mother’ weighing heavy on my shoulders. It’s felt so heavy, I haven’t been able to climb out of this trench. Or maybe I just haven’t been trying as hard to? I’ve been living among the chaos, feeling too overwhelmed to try. 

We need to reverse time and make it work and try to be who we were. Because that woman matters. We are still at the beginning of 2021 and these affirmations are going to help me find myself again. 

1. I am going to prioritize me-time. 

2. I will allocate time for my business 

3. I will be a learner. 

Scroll down to read the other positive affirmations that are showing an effect in my life. I am sure they will work wonders in yours too! 

4. I will have a routine – which allocates time to me as well. 

5. I will not have mom-guilt. 

6. I will not complain but embrace being a working mom. 

7. I will strike a balance at work and at home.  

8. I will use every tool that will help me be productive at work and at home. 

9. I will follow experts that will help me grow my business.

10. I won’t give up on myself

11. I will treat my dreams with respect. 

12. I will allow myself to be vulnerable enough to accept help.

13. I will not try to do it all.

14. I will forgive myself when I make mistakes.

P.S We understand where you come from and if you are struggling to raise a business and a family – we just have the right course for you – KSP Mom Boss. Don’t forget to check it out! 

Do write to us at contribute@kidsstoppress.com and tell us how you tackle raising a family and business. 

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