5 Apps To Try Now For Your 5 Year Old!

Age: 8 years +Download From: App Store, Play Store3. Download From: App Store, Play Store4. Age: 8 years +Download From: App Store , Play Store5.

Does your child constantly ask for your phone or tablet to watch videos and play games? Now you can give in to them without a worry! Just download these games which are guaranteed to improve brain development, focus, help strengthen their vocabulary.

Kids are so dependent on technology these days why not get them to learn something while they have fun!

KSP brings you 5 amazing games for your child!

1. Brain Dots

brain dots

Description: The premise is simple but can you do it? An addictive game that only requires you to bump the red and blue ball together but gets tough with each stage.
This is a brain-training game that everyone from children to grown-ups will be able to enjoy!

Age: All ages.

Download: App Store, Play Store

2. Four Letters

four letters

Description: The game requires you to make a word out of four jumbled letters. Keep making words and as fast as you can to increase your score. Will definitely increase your vocabulary.

Age: 8 years +

Download From: App Store, Play Store

3. What’s the Difference? ~ spot the differences in this photo hunt puzzle of hidden object games

spot the difference_kidsstoppress

Description: Remember those spot the difference puzzles in the newspaper? Now your children can enjoy the same game with this app! Hunt your way through hundreds of high quality photos, including celebrities, pop culture, and more!

Age: All ages.

Download From: App Store, Play Store

4. Flow Free: Bridges

flow free_apps for kids_kidsstoppress

Description: Connect matching colours and cover the entire board and solve puzzles! This game develops spatial recognition, creative thinking and so much more!

Age: 8 years +

Download From: App Store , Play Store

5. Monkey Word School Adventure

monkey word school adventure_kidsstoppress

Description: Join Monkey and his jungle friends and explore a world of letters, sight words, phonics, and spelling. allows children from the age group of 3-7 to learn as they have fun playing!

Age: 3 – 7 years

Download From: App store, Play Store

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