7 Things Every Mom Must Start Doing This Year

Let’s see as a mom what are the few resolutions, we need to make in 2022. 

So, one more year nearing its finish. Twelve months, 365 days, so many things have happened!  As moms, we also have learnt a few things, isn’t it?

It’s again that time of the year when we look forward to making a few tweaks, i.e., resolutions for the next year.  As a person, we make a lot of resolutions! So, let’s see as a mom what are the few resolutions, we need to make in 2021 

Yes, I will be suggesting doable resolutions and not the unrealistic ones, ‘coz moms are already under a lot of pressure! 

1. Chuck the guilt. 

Almost all moms have this one trait that they acquire post motherhood.  This needs to be chucked, big time!  In our country especially, moms are put in a pedestal and there are many unrealistic expectations from her.  She is supposed to be a super-human. But hey, we are simply humans.  We tend to make errors, tend to falter, and that’s no big deal.  My years of experience as a mother has taught me one thing that it’s okay to behave like a “normal human” and not feel guilty about it.  Stop feeling guilty if you are working, if you are taking a holiday, if your child falls sick, if your child hurts himself/herself, etc., etc.  You are not responsible for everything!  So, throw the guilt out of the window next year.  You will be happier.

2. Appreciate yourself more:

Don’t we moms tend to criticize ourselves over the smallest of matters?  But do we really praise ourselves ever?  Pat your back ladies.  Appreciate yourself for the fact that you are doing the toughest job on earth, raising humans!  You are balancing so many things together as well.  You are taking care of your home, job, relations along with taking care of your children.  Next time you feel like you have done something really good, appreciate yourself.

3. Seek help/assign work:

Most women/moms try to handle everything alone and end up tired and frustrated with no time left for herself.  Please stop doing this.  Seek help, ask for it, assign work to family members so that everyone is involved, and you are not the one slogging alone.  Teach the kids to do their own chores and help right from a very young age.

4. Stop pressurizing the children:

It might sound a little harsh, but I see young moms getting all worked up when their 2-year olds don’t recognize colours, animals or the letters of the alphabet!  Take it easy moms.  Your child will eventually learn everything.  Let him/her enjoy that phase.  Same goes with moms of older children too.  Don’t get hyper when your child is appearing for their board exams.  Accept the fact that every child has his/her own calibre and capability.

5. Spend more time with your spouse:

A very neglected but very common mistake that most couples make post children; they stop spending time with each other.  No, you don’t need to take fancy holidays to do this.  Simply have a cup of tea or cuddle with each other and talk when the kids are sleeping.  Make efforts!

6. Take care of your physical and emotional health:

Most women neglect their physical issues citing lack of time or simply pop up a pill and keep going.  Later on, this causes a lot of serious health issues.  Also, if you are depressed then please seek help.  Prioritize yourself.  A happy and healthy mom is the key to a happy family.

7. Learn something new next year:

Life becomes monotonous and we need to revamp it a little.  Why not learn something new or start doing something which you left because of motherhood and other responsibilities?  It will infuse new energy into you.

Embrace each year with a new fervour, moms and remember- you are doing great!

Image source: communitytoday.com

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