Sharenting – Why You Need To Stop Overdoing It

Have my children become stars of my social media? Yes, but to a respectful and balanced extent, says this mom.

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Differences in views, beliefs and opinions can be extremely glaring and of course completely expected between adults, young adults and children. We often don’t realize the primary reason behind these varied perspectives is the generational gap and individual experiences during the growing years.

As physical, economic and social situations change, the impact on individuals and on their lives varies. Therefore, researchers have made cut-offs between when one generation ends and the next one commences, based on the views and experiences of each generation.

Generation Name

Birth Start

Birth End

Millennials/Gen Y/Gen Next



Gen Z



Gen Alpha




Millennial generation: 

The Millennial generation witnessed the rise of the internet and social media.

Google defines Millennials as growing up and beginning careers during the time of 9/11, global warming, the explosive growth of online companies like Facebook, Google & LinkedIn, and increasing housing prices, among other things. The Millennial generation is also known to be the most racially and ethnically diverse. However, the next generation, Gen Z, is even more diverse.

This is the influencer generation with technology, the internet and social networks made available from a very young age. People falling within this generation also target world improvement. While members of Gen Z are known to accept more diverse points of view, Millennials are often the opposite and are more self-focused, therefore popularly known as the ‘me generation.’ Born in 1983 and today at 36 years old, I am a Millennial, and moreover a Millennial mom.

Gen Alpha: 

A recent article describes Gen Alpha as the generation “on the horizon”. Gen Alpha kids are known to spend adequate time away from digital devices and technology, compared to Gen Z kids. Although they are being raised in a world which now does not know how to operate without technology, kids are not tech-dependent, unlike their parents. Gen Alpha members are known as the children of millennials.  

My boys aged 5 and 2 years born in 2014 and 2017 respectively, are among the Gen Alpha children who as they are growing are being known to dictate many decisions within a household, from purchasing to technology and social media decisions.  They are more tech-savvy than their Gen Z predecessors with the skills to use any gadget at their fingertips if they wish to do so. They are the generation of the future, with very firm opinions on how to shape their lives.


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