Bedtime Books For Your Kids That Ensure “Tonight’s Gonna Be A Goodnight!”

Best books to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep for your tiny tots

Books and children are inseparable. The bond that is first formed at the early stages stays on forever and you must consider yourself lucky if you find your little one surrounded by books all the time. Nothing soothes the little minds like books and they instantly connect to the characters in it. Unlike adults who would read a book just once, children love to read their favourite books repeatedly. Every single night, my little one asks me to read out her favourite story (with the same style of narration!) and she insists I look into the book and read every word. In some way, it comforts her. And what a better way to get kids to bed than a set of bedtime story books? We have compiled the best list of storybooks that makes your children drift away to sleep, quicker than you imagined!

1. Goodnight Moon


This famous bedtime narrative by Margaret Wise Brown, explains how a little bunny that is tucked away in bed tries to bid goodnight to all the things around it. With perfect rhyming and illustrations, it makes for a great read for your little one. Buy here

2. How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?


By Jane Yolen and Mark Teague, this book explains the usual tribulations that parents go through to put their little ones to bed- only that the little ones here are eleven cute dinosaurs! How they retire for the day forms the simple and effective narrative. Buy here

3. Sleepy Little Yoga


An interactive picture book that demonstrates cute little yoga poses for bedtime. By Rebecca Whitford and Martina Selway, this book is sure to get your little ones excited trying out the various poses and mimicking the night-time animals. Buy here

4. Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book

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Dr. Seuss knows best! This book comes with a warning that states "This book should be read in bed"! A simple narrative pointing to sleepy creatures and effectively using the word "yawn", this book serves its purpose and if you are reading out to your child, chances are you might fall asleep as well! Buy here.

5. Charlotte and the Quiet Place


After all the busy and loud activities of the day, all of us would need a quiet place to retire like Charlotte does in this book. Written by Deborah Sosin, this is a wonderful book that explains the importance of quietude to kids with brilliant illustrations. Buy here

6. Don't Let The Pigeon Stay Up Late


One of the top rated picture books, this one by Mo Williems (who gave us the hilarious Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus) narrates the exact situations that happen in our households. The cute young pigeon tries everything to get up from the bed and avoid a sleep and it's up to the readers guesses to find out what happens in the end. Buy here

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7. Snoozers: 7 Short Short Bed Time Stories for Lively Kids


Sometimes, one isn't enough! This book by Sandra Boynton is a collection of 7 easy-to-read short bedtime stories for your little one who keeps asking for one more story all the time. Buy here

 8. Go Away, Big Green Monster


Is your little one afraid of the dark? Snuggle up with your kid and read this book and watch their fears melt away. The book, by Ed Emberley, describes wonderfully how kids can overcome their fears in a lucid narrative. Buy here

9. Sleep Like A Tiger


This picture book by Mary Logue is widely famous for its engaging conversations from the eyes of the little girl who questions if everything in the world must sleep. Buy here

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10. If Animals kissed Goodnight


A bedtime book by Ann Whitford Paul with lovely illustrations and rhythmic verses, dwells into the questions a girl asks her mom about how animals bid goodnight to their little ones. A must read for a cosy sleep. Buy here

11. The Sleep Fairy


We are all aware of the tooth fairy. This Sleep Fairy by Janie and Macy Peterson helps parents overcome their biggest hurdle – to help kids stay in bed after being tucked in. Buy here

12. Goodnight, Little Monster


A wonderful picture book with cute illustrations, this is a must-have. Teaches children about animals, their sounds and numbers in a seamless narrative and finally gets them to bed with a goodnight message and a cute mirror to show them who should be deep in sleep by now. Buy here

13. Shhh! This Book Is Sleeping

This book by Cedric Ramadier is all of just 20 pages but promises to help your little ones to snooze early! The pink mouse and the blue book, in general, help in getting your kids all tucked in, and end the busy day with a night of good sleep. Buy here

14. Guess How Much I Love You 

This book by Anita Jeram is perfect for your toddlers. With great illustrations, the book deals with the one question every parent-child combo has. Who loves the other more?! With a delightful range of expressions used that will make your little one come and hug you- this one is ideal for a night time read, that will ensure hugs, kisses and a good sleep. Buy here

15. Llama Llama Red Pajama

Does your little one feel scared about sleeping alone? Do they come out of the room at the slightest noise in search of mumma? This book is ideal for them! Written by Anna Dewdney, this book is suitable for the littlest of readers who are scared about sleeping alone at night and has Mama assuring the baby Llama that she is always 'with him' and he needn't fear/ Buy here


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