Best Children’s Books On Food That Even Picky Eaters Would Love!

Are your kids buzzing with questions about food? Here is a whole collection of books to answer every question they have!
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Except for the question, “what should I cook today?”, I love everything about food! I love cooking and finding new recipes. But more than me, my kids love it when I whip up something new! Food is often just treated as a necessity, which it is… but more than that, food brings us together, it holds memories too (like the amazing Pulav my grandmother used to make…).

Food is so much more than what we credit it for. Is your child fascinated by the whole idea of cooking and food too? I remember hanging out in the kitchen with my mom asking her a bazillion of questions! (I was prohibited from that area later…) Also, there are so many elements to it that we often miss… like where does food come from? You may know that, but does your little one know too?

To answer all their food-related questions and get them to learn some awesome and fascinating facts, here is our curated list of the best anthology and picture books about the tantalising world of food that your kids will love reading!

Best Children’s Books On Food

2-4 Years

My First Padded Book Of Food

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Little Pea

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Vegetable Alphabet

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Frankie’s Food Truck

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Lola The Lolipop Fairy

Buy Here

Chaat And Sweets

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Time To Eat

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5-8 years

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Buy Here

Where Does My Food Come From?

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Tsomo And The Momo

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The Good Indian Child’s Guide To Eating Mangoes

Buy Here

Sarah’s Yummiest Food

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Secrets Of The Garden

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The Room On The Broom Cookbook

Buy Here

Paati’s Rasam

Buy Here

Breakfasts Of India

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Notes For Healthy Kids

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A Cookbook For Special Days Special People

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Good Food For Kids: Scientific Guide To Your Child’s Nutrition

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Tughlaq And The Stolen Sweets

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Midsummer’s Mayhem

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Passport On A Plate

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Just Add Magic

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What We Are Reading This Week

A Cookbook For Special Days Special People is Shivesh Bhatia‘s first attempt at a book for children. The inspiration behind the book Shivesh says is “to have more children discover the pleasure of being in the kitchen and making something from scratch with this book.” Isn’t this the one essential skill you want our children to pick up?

The book is backed with superb illustrations by Maitreyee Namjoshi that add warmth and a personal touch to each of these delightful recipes.

We can’t wait to let you in on all the special things we have planned for you and the kids this Children’s Day along with this new cookbook! An exciting contest for budding junior master chefs is on the way.

Also, lucky winners of this contest stand a chance to win exciting goodies from HarperCollins Children’s Books and also (wait for it…) get to access the Annual Subscription to the KSP Meal Plans at a flat 50% off! Yeahhh! Stay tuned to this space for more details!

What Smart Moms Of Readers Do…

What’s your book budget- for everyone in the family? Do you have a weekly or monthly allowance on how much you are willing to spend on books?

Not all have. And it’s awesome if you have a limit too. It’s just that make sure you encourage your kids to spend more on books and reading than on other stuff- simple.

And if you are looking for ways to save more while not cutting down on your reading time. Here is an awesome offer- only on Kidsstoppress!

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Word Of The Week


It is used to describe food and drink that is extremely good to taste, smell or look at.

Usage: He made the most delectable meal that everyone enjoyed!

Should You Choose Who Your Kids Hang Out With?

The times are gone when we sought the approval of our parents when it came to making friends. But we really didn’t have to as our friendships bloomed in the neighbourhood or school itself. Cut to today’s digital and completely online world leave us, parents, sometimes even our kids don’t know who they are chatting with or befriending. So, should we pick their friends?

I know what’s going on in your head- “that’s impossible”… To some extent it is. But it is also not right on our part to do so. But, if we know our kids are hanging out with someone who is in trouble, do we still remain quiet? No. So, do we tell them to stop being with them? You can’t, to them, their friends are perfect. So, how do we let them know and guide them without being too nosy in their lives?

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