Do You Tell Your Boys To Play With Trucks & Daughters With Dolls?

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In a world where norms often dictate toy preferences based on gender, it’s time to challenge these stereotypes and foster inclusive play. Do you find yourself subtly steering your boys towards trucks and your daughters towards dolls? It’s a common but unconscious bias that we can work together to break.

A lot of people have the mindset that certain toys are designated for specific gender limits.

Let’s challenge this mindset by introducing toys like LEGO® bricks that promote creativity, spatial skills, and, most importantly, imagination. The world of play is vast, and breaking away from traditional gendered toys opens up a realm of possibilities for our kids.

Play is a universal language that knows no boundaries. Whether your child is building with bricks, experimenting with art, or engaging in imaginative play, there’s no right or wrong way to learn through these activities. Witnessing your kids, regardless of gender, exploring and building with their small hands is truly a sight to behold—a testament to their creativity and potential.

Gift them LEGO® bricks and help little hands build big dreams!

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