Get On The Fad: How To Infuse Water 101

What’s that one thing that is the most essential for bodies? Its drinking enough water. One way to introduce water is by drinking Infused Water. There are multiple recipes and fruits that you can use for your Infused Water.

Did you know that our body consists of 60% water? Therefore, there is no universally agreed quantity of water that must be consumed daily. Water is essential for our body, especially our kidneys and other bodily functions. The few benefits of drinking water are that it lubricates the joints, it forms saliva and mucus, it delivers oxygen throughout the body, it boosts skin health and beauty, it cushions the brain, spinal cord, and other sensitive tissues, it regulates body temperature, the digestive system is supported by water, it flushes body waste, it boosts performance during exercise, helps in weight loss and a lot more. 

So, how much water should we be drinking?

As mentioned earlier, there is no thumb rule on how much water should one be drinking. It all depends on the activity levels and your workout regime. But its really sad that most of us rely on other liquids to quench our thirst. That’s when I introduced Infused Water to my diet – the changing flavours make me drink more water throughout the day and I get the other health benefits. 

What are the true benefits of drinking infused water?

Drinking water is extremely essential in maintaining a healthy body. Here are some benefits of drinking infused water. Once you try it, you know it’s truly magical.  

  • Natural flavours boost our hydration and act as a detox through the day
  • Drinking infused water also addresses the false hunger issue. 
  • It’s the perfect recipe for weight loss
  • The more water you drink, the better your skin gets. The trick of infused water is you get the multiple health benefits of water and the vegetables that are infused in it. It is believed to improve digestive health and complexion. 
  • Infused water has the sweet fruit flavours of fruit juice, without adding sugar – it’s just amazing for the taste buds
  • Infused waters’ has natural antioxidants and vitamins

But if you have to boil down to the most important benefit, then it’s just that you start drinking more water than normal days. It’s a huge win for your body.

Practices to remember when you Infuse Water?

  • Make sure you rinse the fruits well to remove all the pesticides, chemicals, and other potentially harmful residues. 
  • It is always best to use cold or room temperature water with your infused water
  • You should add herbs like minter, lavender herbs, flowers to spice things up
  • Unpeeled citrus makes water taste better 
  • Add all fruits, even the ones you don’t like. Infused water pushes you to have more fruits throughout the day. 
  • Sip your infused water all day and refill the container when it is half full. This may compromise the taste but it will stop the bacteria from forming in the container. 

Mistakes to avoid

  • Don’t use hot water for Infused Water because the produce will fall apart faster. It can also compromise the taste and nutrients of some of the ingredients you use. 
  • You should thinly slice hard fruits like apples because they take longer to release flavours.
  • Softer fruits, especially citrus fruits like an orange should be sliced thin, halved or quartered.
  • You should drink your infused water quicker if you have added fruits like strawberries, melons, cucumbers should be consumed faster because they look bad after a few hours and they seep into the water quicker.
  • Make sure you know your fruits well. You may have to soak some hard fruits overnight to get the right flavours for your Infused Water. 
  • If you can’t drink the water in one day, then remember to strain the fruits out and refrigerate it for up to 3 hours.

How long does infused water last?

The duration of the infused water depends on the fruits you are using. Try to finish the infused water the day you make it, if not, then you should strain the fruits out and freeze the water up to 3 days. 

Strawberries, melon, and apples usually look bad and seep into the water quickly. 

Best combinations for Infused Water

Recipes for Infused Water

1) Lemon Infused Water

You just need to add a slice of lemon to water and the citrus flavour elevates the taste. 

2) Cucumber Lemon Cilantro Infused Water

Add a slice of lemon, cilantro, and cucumbers in your water. 

Strawberry and Basil Infused Water


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Simrun Chopra dropped 4 sizes from XL to XS. She maintains a healthy lifestyle by exercising, eating balanced meals with protein, carbs and good fats. She also drinks enough water and has introduced infused water to her diet. Here’s what it looks like:


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