Handmade Sustainable Dolls Paving Way For Indian Regional Culture

Today on #FindItOnKsp we’re going to tell you about Karuna Dolls. They’re super cute, eco-friendly and bring back a ton of childhood memories.

When I was growing up dolls were a big part of my life. I would actually love collecting dolls from every country or state I travelled to.

Now if there’s one thing I want to teach my child, it’s the concept of sustainability, and how much waste is produced in the world. But I wonder if they would even understand what I’m talking about?

Sometimes I’ll look at the heap of toys in the room and I wonder why we glorify playing with so much plastic? Shouldn’t we teach our kids minimalism from Day 1?

Recently I chanced up a collection of dolls that just made me smile with joy! We just had to share it with you,

Today on #FindItOnKsp we’re going to tell you about Karuna Dolls. They’re super cute, eco-friendly and bring back a ton of childhood memories.

What Is Karuna Dolls?

The idea of Karuna was conceived by Creative Dignity during the Covid-19 lockdown when a lot of people were struggling to earn a livelihood. The artisans who make dolls are women who needed to earn and at the same time also found an outlet for their creativity.

The project was inspired by the Tsunamika doll project which was born in the aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami.

Besides providing the artisans with a livelihood these handmade dolls also act as messengers who carry important messages of social responsibility, conservation and environmental consciousness. We love it!

What Makes Karuna Dolls Special & Different From Other Dolls?

Toys are an extended education. Wholesome, sustainable, conscientious play toys will create a better future. It’s taken a pandemic for us to realise a lot of things and the importance of local crafts, natural materials and therefore eco friendly and sustainable toys are a much-needed change from our very plastic polluted lifestyle. 

Karuna Dolls is an excellent way to introduce craft and culture to a child’s play. Handmade & in beautiful colours, these dolls depict different characters and their stories from all over the country.

Every state has their own Karuna Dolls sporting the local fashion of that state and fun names to go with it. Whether it is Dolma & Brighu from Himachal or Nonnie from Chattishgarh or Veeravali & Jungni from Punjab – each has their own stories to tell. We’re sure you’ll love them!

The dolls are dressed in waste fabric and are handmade using wool.

These crafts are at the heart of Indian creativity and need celebrating and these hand made dolls by women n artisans from across India is such a great way to do just that.

Price: The dolls start from Rs 290 for a single piece to Rs 3000 for a full set

Where to buy Karuna Dolls

Instagram – Karuna Dolls

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