How The Natkhat Kanhaiya Defeated The Evil Kalia

Are you excited to share more stories about Lord Krishna with your children this Janmashtami? This story is about how Lord Krishna defeats the evil Kalia, the serpent everyone is scared of. Tune in to this story and find out how the serpent tries to kill Krishna and how he still manages to defeat him without killing him!

We grew up listening to these stories by our grandmothers. Indian Mythology stories have been passed down for generations and there are so many life lessons that you can teach your child. Mistakes parents make often are that they forget to include books and stories like these in their children’s library. Then how do you expect them to understand our culture and all the festivities around us? How will all their questions about the Gods we pray, be answered? 

Storytelling is a great tool for children and the best way to explain things that they cannot imagine by themselves. Lord Krishna is every child’s favourite deity because of his pranks! There are so many interesting, heroic stories for him that children instantly love and respect him! 

This story is about Lord Krishna defeating the evil Kalia, the serpent everyone in Vrindavan was scared of. This story because after Lord Krishna jumped in the Yamuna, the serpent tries to kill him. What’s interesting is that Lord Krishna teaches him a lesson, instead of killing him. Tune in to know-how. 

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