How This Father Keeps Up The Pace With His Teens


Do you feel with the world changing so much that we aren’t able to keep up with our children? When my daughter knows the lyrics to Hot n Cold, I think of days when I was young and the kind of music I used to listen to. And then the next thought that comes to my mind is that “Omg, we are poles apart, and how am I going to keep up with her.”

Now, what if we told you that you are not alone in this journey? This is the reason why we love unearthing parenting stories and journies with you. It helps us put things into perspective while our parents across the globe are keeping it real with us.

Mansi Zaveri, the founder of, speaks to Dr. Nihar Parekh on our next episode on Raising Parents, a parenting podcast on Jio Saavn. He is witty, hilarious, and we were ROFL (yes, I have to use the teen lingo after this conversation). He talks to us about:

Please watch this episode where Dr. Nihar Parekh for the first time reveals his life as a parent. 

Where to watch: Jio Saavn

When to watch: New episodes out every Wednesday

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