Skills Every Child Will Need To Succeed In The 21st century

This is a must listen for every parent today! Jobs are going to change. Automation is inevitable. You cannot compare kids today vs. what we were. So what does it take to raise the 21st century child? Tune in and find out!

After meeting Yuval Noah Harari recently, I realised how important it is to equip our children with the 21st century skills. Because Raising 21st century kids is very different than how we were raised when we were younger.

Let me explain:

In our times, we weren’t lucky to have so much information at the tips of our fingers. The world wasn’t so open and education wasn’t so flexible. Cut to today’s time, where children can study in any part of the world literally and pursue any crazy career they dream of.

There are so many new jobs that have come to light and so many new requirements. Because of the rise in social media, a lot of growth is taking place in the writing and acting field. Would our parents have ever known job titles like social media influencers were going to be a thing?

What if your kid wants to be police personnel, what if they want to be an AI developer or a car engineer or a pilot or an astronaut, or a writer… The world has so much to offer! And these skills are a need for each of these professions. Our job as parents is to support their dreams and always give them that spark of wonder, something to fuel their curiosity.

If you’re like me, you’re always wondering how to build curiosity! And this holiday season I am going to do just that with LEGO bricks. My go-to sets this year are going to be – The Super Robot, Mars Spacecraft Exploration, and the Ninja Training Center . The bricks aren’t just supposed to be made into what set they belong. A robot can be turned into a plane or a rover into a rocket- your child’s imagination is the real boss here. What’s more? You can get upto 50% off on selected sets! so what are you waiting for? Get your child their favourite set by clicking here!

Activities like this gives them the flexibility to think outside the box and learn how to bring their ideas into reality. That flexibility is something we should also practice as parents. We need to stop focussing on ONLY careers, but raise them into adaptable individuals, because the world is evolving.

Times have changed from when we were in school and it is extremely important for people to keep learning and keep changing even though change is very stressful. Reinventing is the key even though it is tough to do, lest we end up amongst the obsolete. It’s absolutely vital for us to ensure we’re giving our kids the best chance for success.

Listen to the full podcast now to find out what how you can keep your kids from being irrelevant.

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