5 Things You Can Do To Raise A Reader

Raising a reader, isn’t this what we want? In today’s world where technology has taken over, most of us want our children to enjoy the joy of reading books. Here are tips on how to raise a reader.

Raising a reader, isn’t this what we want? In today’s world where technology has taken over, most of us want our children to enjoy the joy of reading books instead of drowning themselves in the virtual world of endless browsing. In all honesty, books also take us to another world which is fictional yet it’s not something that we wouldn’t want our children to experience, isn’t it?

The beauty of imagination cannot be described in words, books help us visualise whereas motion pictures make it readily available for us, leaving very less to imagine!!! The question is how to raise a reader, well I am no expert on the subject but here’s what worked for us.

1. Start Early

We started reading to our little girl when she was really young, maybe a few days old. Initially, it was just some cloth/rag books which we showed her and spoke a little. In fact, I remember these books were more like toys and were a part of our everyday routine. We had some squeaking bath books which were also super fun.

2. Be Consistent

As she grew, we really made books a part of everyday routine, bedtime books were a must!! And no, she wasn’t much interested in it but the idea was to be consistent. She was only 7-8 months and she would put all the books in her mouth, but books were very much around. 

3. Repeat

That’s really the key to keep the interest levels up. Small children like repetition. Keep re-reading the same books, it helps a lot, especially with younger children. Repetition gives a better understanding of words and their language skills are enhanced. Also, re-reading allows them to process the information, characters, storyline much better and it helps a lot in reading comprehension.

4. Choose Funny/ Witty Books

Yes!! It really works, kids like humour, they simply love to laugh. Funny/witty books keep there interest alive, they are tuned into it and keep looking for silly situations which gives them an opportunity to chuckle.

5. Show Them How You Read

We all know kids love to imitate if they see you reading, the possibility of sharing the same interests is much higher. Make family reading time a ritual. What you could do is sit with your books and let the kid choose theirs, even if they can’t read, flipping through picture books is also a great start. Take them to libraries, book stores and spend some time browsing through books.

I believe that love for books is one of the greatest gifts that a parent can pass on to the children. Reading opens up their horizons. Isn’t that something that we need? 

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