KSP Book Club: Just Like Papa

Nandita da Cunha’s book on kids wanting to follow their heart makes its way to KSP Book Club this week. Read on to know why we think your kids will like this book. 

Parents are often the first role models for every child. Write from trying on Papa's tie and pretending to go to work or sitting with a laptop while on a call like Mumma, kids love to pretend play like parents! As they say- monkey see, monkey do. You pick up a book and read with the kids, they start developing an affinity towards reading like we stated in our 7 Day KSP Reading Challenge. (Phase 2 of this challenge is about to start soon- so if you haven't signed up, now's the time- click here!) They watch you bake a delicious cake, the next thing you know- they get their hands smeared with the flour itching to help you out! 

So it is only natural that when we are asked as kids, on what we want to become when we grow up- we state "Just Like Mumma" or "Just Like Papa"! Nandita da Cunha's book on this topic makes its way to KSP Book Club this week. Read on to know why we think your kids will like this book. 

About the book: 

"Just Like Papa"– a book by Nandita da Cunha, illustrated by Shreya Sen, is an exact replica of the conversations we have in the house with the little ones. The ones that watch us with dreamy eyes, aiming to become just like us. Little Gee aims to become a famous painter like her Daddy Dearest- but she is unable to! She tries hard but she wonders why she isn't able to. How does she then become 'just like Papa?'.

A story with a simple narrative for kids 5 and above, this book tells the little ones to follow their heart- do what they like and teaches them about being passionate. Doesn't sound too preachy, but with simple lines, engaging illustrations and a nice take-home-message, this one will guarantee a good bonding time with the kids, when you read to/with them. 

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