How To Reduce Your Child’s Device Addiction

The screen time in our homes keeps getting worse. The good news? The solutions are pretty straightforward, they worked for me and I’m sure they’ll work for you too.

With both my daughters, I have had moments where I questioned if the amount of social media, youtube videos, and video games they were getting would produce negative effects on their real life social skills and emotional intelligence.

There was a time I couldn’t get them out from in front of the screen. Digital media paired with mobile devices will do that to anyone- especially young people.

As much as my husband and I tried to encourage outdoor play and reading, it sometimes felt that they were starting to prefer being in front of screens instead of being present with their own mother.

It’s not a personal attack on us moms though it may feel like it. Think about it, when the kids interact with us, we tell them to go do chores and finish their homework and behave properly. The phone, tablet or TV doesn’t do that and that’s what we’re competing with.

And it was especially scary once I started to do the research on this behaviour and found the problems this could lead to:

  • Behavioral problems
  • Addiction to the gadget
  • Depression
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Obesity
  • Attention and hearing issues
  • Problems of the nervous system

And more…

Once I did my research on how this affects our kids I knew I had to do something. The good news? The solutions are pretty straightforward.

In this interview with Ruchira Darda, founder of WOW, I share all the tips, tricks and lessons I learned while dropping screen time at home. They worked for me and I’m sure they’ll work for you too. Tune in to the full episode to know how to combat device addiction, and reclaim the quality time you and your kids deserve.

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