How To Throw A “Dinosaurâ€_x009d_ Themed Birthday Party – From Decor To Return Gifts!

All for the love for dinos!

The best thing about throwing a party is getting a chance to create memories of a lifetime with friends and family. It’s always fun to make the experience special and memorable for the people who matter the most. Last month when I decided to plan a birthday party for my 5-year-old son, he zeroed in on a “Dinosaurâ€_x009d_ themed birthday party. At first, it seemed improbable to arrange a “dinosaurâ€_x009d_ themed party – everything from the ideal venue to the perfect decoration and entertainment seemed either imperfect or unavailable.

We started with booking an indoor venue -focussing on 3 things which matter a lot to the party – an amazing ambience, an elaborate and delicious brunch and an amazingly accommodating staff. As for the décor for the unusual “Dinosaurâ€_x009d_ theme,  with no options available in stores or online, I had to make best with my art and craft DIY skills.

These simple ideas looked like a million bucks at the party and the kids loved it! So if you are thinking of throwing your child a dinosaur themed party, then follow along!

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Dinosaur Birthday banner

  • Chart papers
  • Nylon transparent thread
  • Old brown paper bags
  • Glue

Draw and cut a skeleton of dinosaur head and tail with white chart paper. Cut out other banner pieces as per child’s name with white chart paper. cut out letters of child’s name with your choice of chart paper. Make two tiny holes on the edges of each banner piece and join with nylon thread. This will be the child’s name banner.

For the Happy Birthday banner cut the shape from a chart paper or brown bags. Draw and cut 13 small dinosaur shapes from brighter chart paper. Again cut letters of happy birthday from another shade of brighter chart paper. Stick dinosaur cutouts on the shapes and the letters of “Happy Birthday” on dinosaur shapes. Make tiny holes and join the banner with nylon thread.

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Dinosaur photo booth with props

  • Old wooden frame or make frame shape from cardboard box
  • Assorted colour chart papers
  • Glue
  • Wooden craft sticks

Draw and cut a skeleton of dinosaur head with white chart paper. Draw and cut 3 small dinosaur shapes with bright colours of chart papers. Draw and cut letters of dinosaur themed tag line for the photo booth. For example “Beware of dinosâ€_x009d_, “dino-mite birthdayâ€_x009d_, “Roarâ€_x009d_. Stick all on the frame as per your choice. For the props draw and cut shapes as shown in the picture. Cut two shapes for each props. Glue the wooden stick between two same shapes. Add the details like eyes or nostrils with markers.

DIY Dinosaur Games

Feed the T-Rex

  • Small empty card box
  • Green chart paper
  • Scraps of white paper
  • Glue
  • Black marker
  • Brown laundry wrapper


Make a hole in front of the cardboard box. Wrap the box with brown laundry wrapper. Draw and cut a T-rex face on green chart paper as shown in the picture. Cut out the hole in t-rex mouth. Draw the details like eyes and nostrils with markers. Cut few teeth from white paper scraps. Stick around the mouth of t-rex cutout. Stick a T-rex face on the cardboard box aligning box hole and T-rex mouth hole. Make few random bone shapes from scraps of chart papers. Write “Feed the T-rexâ€_x009d_ on the box.

  • Hard cardboard sheet A2 size
  • White chart paper
  • Old birthday caps
  • Few rings
  • Glue
  • Markers

Draw and paint a Triceratops’s face on white chart paper. Instead of three horns cut and stick trimmed birthday caps. Stick this on a hard cardboard sheet. Place the rings beside this. It now becomes a dinosaur ring toss game!

Dinosaur balloons

  • Balloons assorted colours
  • Assorted colour chart papers
  • Cello tape

Draw and cut dinosaur parts as shown in the picture. Inflate the balloons and stick the dinosaur parts with cello tape.

Return gifts bags ideas

  • Paper bags
  • Bright colour chart paper
  • Glue
  • Markers

Draw small dinosaurs and cut it. Paste one dinosaur cutout on each return favour bag. Print each child’s name on A4 sheets and cut it. Paste name tags on dinosaur cutout. If you don’t have a printer, write each child’s name on dinosaur cutout with dark markers.

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Dinosaur Cake Ideas


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