Does Sugar Make Children Hyperactive? Nutritionist Tells Us

Ask any parent returning from a birthday party with kids and they’ll swear that yes, of course, without doubt sugar makes their children hyperactive. A look at the giggles, the silliness, the loudness and energy might seem to confirm this assumption … but what does the science say?

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Don’t give kids sugar at night

Sugar is bad

Sugar has empty calories

I’m sure you’ve heard them all and then some more!

When it comes to sugar there are just so many things floating around. But what is actually true can be quite confusing.

When the cupcake is half across your child’s face and half inside them, you probably feel that it’s fully to blame for their bouncing-off-the-walls behaviour, right? While the belief that sugar causes hyperactivity in children is widespread and perpetuated by the children themselves – is it a myth or is it true?

Neha Ranglani is an integrative health coach and she has just released her new book – Dessert Reboot.

Today in this video she’s sharing answers to questions we all have as parents

  • Does sugar make kids hyper?
  • What’s the right time to give them something sweet
  • Is all sugar bad?
  • Are there healthier sugar alternatives?

and more!

She also shares a quick pick-me-up dessert recipe that you will definitely love!

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This article is written in association with Pure Nutrition.

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