KSP Kids Book Club 2: Look What We Are Reading This Week!

Have you joined the weekly KSP Kids Book Club?

We are back with our 2nd episode of the Book Club and what we are reading this week. you know we love books especially children’s books! Every week we suggest, review, and share books that we like and we are sure you will too!

We hope you enjoyed our random selection last week and this week we were eager to hit the library for a fresh stash! So get reading with your little bookworms!

Join us in our goal to read by watching the video below and get your list of books to read this week! We can do this together, just join the club and make sure you subscribe to our Youtube channel for videos every week. Share what you are reading with us on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, with the hashtag #KSPBookClub.

Happy reading!

The Famous Smile

Have You Got My Purrr

Get The Gimmes

Alphabet Dress Up

Princesses Don’t Have Wobbly Teeth

The Enormous Turnip

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