KSP Mom Boss | How Will You Benefit From It?

For all those of you who are asking about the KSP Mom Boss Course and why you should sign up- how this one will benefit you- you need to listen to this podcast of Keep It Real.

Do you feel that you have run out of ways to take your brand/business forward, especially in these difficult times? 

Given the times that we are sailing through currently, with the pandemic and its resurgence as the second wave, it is acceptable to feel that way. It doesn't signal the end of the road. It only means we need to pause, take a moment to understand what we are doing and how we could do it better.

We are definitely no experts too. But the one thing we learnt along this journey was to evolve, innovate and constantly learn along the way. And that's the motivation for us to launch our KSP Mom Boss Course– the same time last year. 

For all those of you who are asking about the KSP Mom Boss Course and why you should sign up- how this one will benefit you- this is the video you need to watch. 

Who is the course for?

If you need an insight into the Digital Marketing world and clarity on how to make your brand- big or small stand out. This is that. So whether you are a brand owner, or a fledgeling entrepreneur, or a blogger looking to widen your reach or a social media influencer- this course is tailor-made for you. Access it right here! 

What will you learn in this course? 

  • Instant Access to 40+ modules with experts in the digital stream
  • New courses that are added every month
  • Instant access to previous courses
  • Life long access to all modules with just a one-time fee
  • Invitation to join our exclusive closed members group on Facebook
  • 2 goal setting sessions with Mansi Zaveri
  • Bonus Downloadables that will make all your learnings actionable

I do not have the time to sign up for a new course now. Can I join later? 

This is a very common Q we hear from people who are interested in the KSP Mom Boss Course. As moms, who are together at Kidsstoppress and as a mompreneur herself, Mansi Zaveri has curated this course keeping this factor in mind. We know the pressures of signing up for something new. Time is the commitment you can't give- especially when you are a mother. Don't worry. This is a one-time-sign-up, lifelong access course. 

This means you can sign up now, to get all of the above benefits right away and access the BONUS modules too- and go through each of the modules as per your convenience. No deadlines, no timelines, no pressure! Are you ready?! 

Don't believe us? Here's proof of how much our members are loving the course! 

Go ahead, listen to this podcast of Keep It Real whre Mansi Zaveri breaks down everything you need to know about KSP Mom Boss Course. And go ahead and sign up right here 'coz you know that you need to take that first step in building the brand of your dreams! 

P.S. Our Promo code KSPMBWEBINAR will get you through until this weekend to access The KSP Mom Boss Course worth Rs 50,000  and more at just Rs 7500! And that works up to less than Rs.20/day in a year, which is lesser than the price of your favourite coffee! 

Access the course here! 

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