Mandatory Ultrasound Scans During Pregnancy (Download Now!)


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1. Dating & Viability Scan: 6-9 weeks 

  • By now- you must have done a home pregnancy test and/or a blood test to confirm the HCG levels. You must have also planned your first visit to your Ob-Gyn.
  • The first thing that the gynaecologist asks you would be to get this scan around 6-9 weeks of pregnancy that helps confirms the pregnancy date and the estimated due date. (You are going to start reading the horoscopes, right?!) 
  • This scan also helps confirm if you are having twins and monitor the fetal heart rate.
  • This scan is either done on an empty bladder (transvaginal scan) or on a full bladder (abdominal scan). Your doctor decides the best route for you. Remember-this scan will be the first time you hear your child's heartbeat!

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2. Nuchal Translucency Scan (NT Scan): 11-13 weeks

  • This is another mandatory scan performed between 11-13 weeks to rule out any chromosomal abnormalities or developmental issues in the foetus, 
  • This ultrasound scan measures the thickness of the NT fluid under the baby's back that help diagnose if your child could have Down's syndrome. 
  • If your screening tests indicate that you are at a high risk of carrying a baby with Down's Syndrome, your doctor may suggest other few safe diagnostic tastes. 

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3. Anomaly Scan: 18-20 weeks

  • This routine scan helps to check the growth of your foetus' heart, kidneys, brain and facial features and detect if there are any anomalies. 
  • This scan also helps detect the level of amniotic fluid in your foetus as well as your its movements. Don't be surprised if you see your baby wriggling or yawning during the scan!

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4. Growth Scan: 28-30 weeks & 36-40 weeks

  • This scan during your third trimester is a measure of how well your child is growing inside you. The doctor measures your child's heartbeat as well as the circumference of your baby's head and tummy. 
  • Based on the growth rate and other parameters, your gynaec decides the other scans and when you need to get them in the remaining weeks. Some might prefer one every week while the others ask for once in two weeks- purely depends on your comfort and your baby's developmental rate.

In addition to these, your doctor might also ask for more scans and diagnostic tests if you are expecting twins or experiencing gestational diabetes or other complications. Take care and discuss in depth with your doctor about the scans in advance. And enjoy the experience of saying a hello to the li'l bundle of joy growing inside you thanks to the 3D/4D imaging scans available today. The joy is simply unparalleled!

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